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The bvfa - Federal Association for Fire Protection Technology - brings together the leading manufacturer of products for preventive fire protection in Germany.  In addition, there are qualified fire protection businesses, which market and service the products of our manufacturers.


The member businesses have set for themselves the goal of advancing technical fire protection in Germany, for the benefit of people, assets and the environment. The R&D divisions of our member businesses work on practical aspects of optimising existing and development of new, innovative fire extinguishing technologies.


We work closely with government agencies, legislators, standardisation institutes, asset insurers, employers' liablity associations and allied associations. The results and know-how resulting from this intensive cooperation on major topics concerning our industry are recouped in up-to-date information.


Our member companies are manufacturers of

  • fire extinguishing equipment
  • extinguishing agents
  • extinguishing water technology
  • components for sprinkler systems
  • Control devices for fire extinguishing systems
  • products for structural fire protection


They install

  • water-based extinguishing systems and
  • special extinguishing systems


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