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A uniting Europe naturally also has an impact on bfva. Already for a long time, our activities have branched out to Europe, because many regulations for technical fire protection are not only generated on a national level, but also on an international level.


This applies to requirements for components and systems, as well as to requirements for the design and construction of entire plants. In particular European provisions, such as the Construction Components Directive and its ancillary standards deserve mention in this regard.


Thus bvfa is an active member of the European association of national manufacturers’ associations eurofeu (European Committee of Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles). And since 1 October 2006 also Secretariat General of the entire eurofeu organisation. Eurofeu promotes joint activities for the improvement of fire protection and fire fighting in Europe and represents the interest of the fire protection industry vis-à-vis government agencies and international organisations such as CEN, CEA, ESCIF and the European Commission. The bvfa sends delegates to the following eurofeu sections:


  • mobile fire extinguishers
  • fixed extinguishing installations
  • sprinklers
  • agents


A regular exchange of information on new trends and technology, on regional peculiarities, and of course, consultations on joint positions take place.


Fire protection – important European institutions



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