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Are you sure you’re safe?


“Germany is one of the world’s safest countries,“ says Federal Minister of Education and Research Schavan in her foreword to the research programme for civil security. The “Market Potential for Security Technologies and Services in Germany and Europe“ study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of the Economy finds that the markets for security technologies and services show above-average growth perspectives in the long term. An increase in total sales from 20 to 31 billion euros in the period from 2008 to 2015 is expected for Germany alone. Fire protection is a part of this. Protecting and saving people and property, securing commercial operations, minimising the risk of business interruptions and environmentally friendly conduct in the event of fire: the remits that fire protection must meet are manifold and require specialised expertise.


Are you sure that you are thoroughly familiar with the capabilities of the reliable self-help device the “fire extinguisher“ and do you know how fire extinguishers need to be serviced? And who is permitted to do that anyway?


Are you sure that you have an overview of the effectiveness of extinguishing agents and can join in with current discussions about approval and disposal? And how can one use fire extinguishers in an environmentally sustainable manner?


Are you sure that you properly appreciate the drinking water hygiene problems in using extinguishing water lines and wall hydrants and have learned what has to be observed in the competent planning of systems of this type? And what is in fact a time-book?


In this magazine we have extensive answers for you to for all of these questions. This issue of Brandschutz Spezial is particularly focused on the topics of fire extinguishing systems, extinguishing agents and extinguishing water technology. The member companies in the bvfa, who produce these products, rely on quality, know-how and innovation. The safe functioning and ongoing servicing of these devices are indispensable requirements for reliable fire protection. And they are useless unless the people who directly and correctly deploy them in the event of fire have been given proper training. Also included are extensive hazard analyses, expert prepared fire protection concepts, how to secure escape routes and much more. Legislators are stepping back in many cases and transferring responsibilities to the companies. They not only bear liability for civil and criminal cases but also for damages to the environment.


We are sure that we are providing you here with a comprehensive overview of mobile fire protection and an excellent guidepost through the different legal fundamentals.

In the series "BrandschutzSpezial" we address highly topical issues and discussions relating to fire protection. Whether it relates to new technologies, legal principles, statistical data or objects requiring particular protection: We write about it. Many interviews and statements by experts accompany the contributions.


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